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Cheetah vaccination protocol

This information has been provided by Dr Peter Caldwell in 2009. Any Cheetah moved between Metapopulation reserves should be vaccinated against the below mentioned diseases.
                                                                               OLD CHAPEL VETERINARY CLINIC     
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Cheetah vaccines:

  • Fel O Vax, Fort Dodge. (Janssen), Inactivated feline rhino tracheitis, calici and panleukopaenia viruses.
  • Felocel CVR, Pfizer. Attenuated strains of feline rhinotracheitis virus, calicivirus and panleukopaenia virus.
  • Nobivac rabies, Intervet. Inactivated rabies virus.

Age 1st vac: 8 to 12 weeks, inactivated vaccine.
Age 2nd vac: 4 later live vaccine if mother has been vacc.
Annual vacc: Live vaccine.
Pregnant female vaccination: 2 weeks prior to parturition, inactivated vaccination. 

  • Panacur 5% solution 1ml/kg oid for 3 to 5 days, use for 5 days if suspect Giardia, (50mg/kg po).
  • Panacur powder 4% m/m (Fenbendazole) at 50mg/kg po ie 1g/kg body mass (1x teaspoon/5kg body mass).
  • Dectomax (doramectin) injectable 1ml/20kg sc or im.
  • Drontal cat tabs 1tab/4kg (praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate).
  • Nemex 2.5kg/2kg body mass juveniles (pyrantel pamoate).

Age 1st worming depends on worm burden, normally 8 to 12 weeks with Nemex.
Subsequent deworming depending on soil contamination of worm eggs and worm egg burden.
Ectoparasiticides: Frontline, Karabust powder, Deadline, Bayticol. Only Frontline should be used for Cheetahs that have a high burden of ticks.
Endoparasiticides: Panacur, Dectomax, Drontal, Nemex.
Adult Cheetahs:

  • Vaccination: Yearly in September – Felocell CVR live vaccination (three months before breeding).
  • Every two years for Rabies (Killed vaccine).
  • Pregnant females: killed vaccine two months before birth.

If the vaccination status of an adult Cheetah (including pregnant females) is not know then always start with an inactivated vaccine. This should be followed by another inactivated vaccine one month later and then finally a live vaccine one month later.