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Recommended management techniques

Half of current Metapopulation reserves have accommodated Cheetah for more than 8 years now and reserve managers have accumulated much knowledge on Cheetah management. Expertise or advise obtained from reserve managers can be summarised as follows:

• Introduce only predator adapted Cheetahs into reserves with Lion.
• Carrying out thorough post release monitoring.
• Utilise only vets suitable with predator experience.
• Teach Cheetah to respect fences during the boma period.
• Avoid the acquisition of free roaming Cheetah with a history as problem animals.
• Avoid the use of internal transponders.
• Ensure that reserve fencing is adequate. Breakouts can be costly.
• Keep bomas deparasitised.
• If possible, introduce young animals that are still looking for territory.
• Habituate Cheetah during the boma period in order to maximise their tourism value.
• Release Cheetah during the lambing season in order to make initial hunting easier as the Cheetahs adapt to their new environment.
• Avoiding a lengthy boma period. Wild Cheetah should not be in a boma for more than three months.
• Avoid extensive management. Excessive interference can be expensive and sometimes lethal.