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Tottenham may lose the Europa League place even though it is ranked 6th

Jose Mourinho’s teachers and students hugged each other to celebrate finishing sixth after round 38, which almost means Tottenham will have tickets to the Europa League next season. But wait, there’s still a chance they lost their tickets.

UEFA’s early-season rule is that the Premier League only has a maximum of 7 European Cup slots, of which 4 go to the Champions League and 3 to the Europa League. But remember, the winners of the Champions League and the Europa League are guaranteed a direct entry to the group stage of the Champions League next season.

A maximum of 5 Premier League teams can participate in the Champions League

A maximum of 5 Premier League teams can participate in the Champions League. If a team is out of the Top 4 to win the Champions League or the Europa League, they will join the Top 4 in the Champions League, and England only has 2 places to go to the Europa League.

3 ways to win tickets to the Europa League

Ranked 5th in the Premier League: Go straight to the group stage of the Europa League.

FA Cup Champion: Go straight to the group stage of Europa League.

Confederation Cup Champion: Enter the second qualifying round of Europa League.

Ranking at the end of the Premier League season 2019/20

Because Man City won the League Cup, their Europa League second qualifying place was given to the highest-ranking team in the Premier League without a ticket to Europe, specifically the sixth team Tottenham.

But so far, there are the following teams that are sure to go to Europe next season. They are Liverpool, Man City, MU, Chelsea (Champions League), and Leicester (Europa League). And Tottenham – 6th place team? Not sure. Why? Let’s go into specific scenarios.

At this time, MU and Chelsea were sure to attend the Champions League This is based on their Premier League rankings, so the fact that they won the European Cup did not change. Now it only depends on the results of the FA Cup final and Wolves’ Europa League journey.

Tottenham struggled to pass the second qualifying round of the Europa League

With Tottenham beating Lokomotiv Plovdiv in the Europa League qualifiers, coach Jose Mourinho has reached 100 wins in the European Cup arena.

After the defeat against Everton in the opening round of the Premier League, coach Jose Mourinho was determined to win the Europa League qualifiers, thereby regaining the spirit and confidence for the whole team.

So, the Portuguese army launched a very strong squad during the trip to Lokomotiv’s field, with stars like Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Steven Bergwijn, or Giovani Lo Celso.

With a team and outstanding class, Tottenham easily controlled the game and pushed Lokomotiv to support. Son Heung-min is the most prominent player in the Spurs attack. The speedy moves of the Korean star have made the defenders of the home team suffer.

In the first half, the English team launched a total of 8 shots but never converted into a goal. Lokomotiv’s defense played drastically, ready to make mistakes when necessary to minimize the attack of the visitors. 0-0 is the score for the first 45 minutes.

After the break, Tottenham maintained an overwhelming stance, but the most important thing was that the goal was yet to come to them. Lokomotiv defended tightly, even unexpectedly had a goal to open the score in the 71st minute.

Striker Georgi Minchev headed close to the wall after Dimitar Iliev’s pass. Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris did not have any reflexes in this situation because the finish was too close.

The home team has only 9 people left in the time remaining

After this goal, Mourinho’s students frantically attacked, causing Lokomotiv’s defense to only last until 78 minutes. Dinis Almeida had to receive a second yellow card after using a hand to play in the penalty area. In finance, he continued to draw a second yellow card with Birsent Karageren when this player reacted too harshly. The home team has only 9 people left in the time remaining.

At 11m, Harry Kane did not miss a golden opportunity to equalize the score 1-1. Taking advantage of the people, the British representative forced the pitch to suffocate. 5 minutes later, Tanguy Ndombele cushioned the ball near the wall after Lucas Moura’s cross, fixing the score 2-1 for Spurs.

This victory helped Tottenham to enter the third qualifying round of the Europa League. Meanwhile, coach Jose Mourinho has reached 100 wins in the European Cup. The Portuguese captain’s performance was established in six clubs he once led, including Real Madrid, M.U, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Porto, and now Spurs.