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Lukaku reached Ronaldo’s achievement after the Europa League final

Scoring both the opponent’s net and the home team, the criminal Lukaku is still honored with a series of records comparable to two legendary Ronaldo.

Before the final match between Inter Milan vs Sevilla, it was said Ronaldo de Lima’s record 34 goals a season. At that time, Lukaku had 33 goals. He only need to add at least 1 goal in the final. Then, the Belgian striker will officially match the legend called “Alien”. And Lukaku has done it.

As a fate, it was Lukaku who fired the first shot of the rain of goals in the final of the Europa League this year. He had a successful penalty kick in the 5 minutes. Therefore, Romelu Lukaku officially equalized the record of 34 goals in the first season of Ro “fat” (season 1997/1998).

Lukaku brought a 11m result for Inter Milan quite early before scoring an own goal

And the Belgian striker got off to a bad start, giving Inter a penalty just three minutes after rushing past Diego Carlos in a counterattack before being fouled by the Sevilla midfielder in the penalty area. On the 11m end, Lukaku calmly finished and gave Inter the lead.

This goal is Lukaku’s 34th goal for Inter Milan this season in all competitions. Thereby, he equalized Ronaldo’s record in Brazil 1997/98. In his first season with Inter, Ronaldo scored 25 goals in Serie A, three in Coppa Italia, and six in the UEFA Cup, including a goal against Lazio in the final for Inter to win the UEFA Cup.

But if Ronaldo scored only 6 goals in the European arena that season, for Lukaku this was the ninth goal of the season (7 goals in the Europa League, 2 goals in the Champions League). Besides, Lukaku also had 6 consecutive matches in the European Cup. He was the first person to do this since Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2012-2013 period.

Lukaku also reached the record of Cristiano Ronaldo

Still, with the goal on the penalty spot, Lukaku has set a record of scoring in six consecutive knockout matches. Before that, Cristiano Ronaldo was the man who held this record.

Lukaku has broken 2 records of two best strikers in two periods of football history. But overall, this is still a forgotten day for the Belgian striker. Although he scored for Inter, it was also Lukaku who closed the Italian team’s championship dream, with an ungainly home goal.