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What to expect in the fourth round of the Europa League this season?

The fourth match of the Europa League group stage 2020/2021 will soon take place. Here is what to expect in this attractive round.

Lille vs AC Milan

Before meeting Lille in the first leg of the Europa League group stage, AC Milan was the only team in the five European leagues to remain unbeaten. Even including the end of last season, they won 18 and drew 2 in a series of 2 games without losing. Ibra and his teammates topped the table in both the Europa League and Serie A with high-class performances.

But all of the above statistics became meaningless when Lille destroyed them 3-0 on the San Siro pitch. That is also the reason why AC Milan determined to defeat Lille to reclaim the debt. Both teams are in very good form with 6 wins, 3 draws, and 1 loss in the last 10 matches. So this is considered the focus of the fourth match of the Europa League.

However, AC Milan will likely not be able to claim the debt to lose in the first leg. The reason is that in this match, they do not have the service of owner Ibrahimovich.

The Swedish general had an injury in the match against Napoli over the weekend. Losing him, the power of AC Milan is considered to be halved and it is difficult for them to defeat a Lille who is unbeaten in the last 9 home matches

Molde vs Arsenal – Gunners regained their spirits

Arsenal last weekend was held 0-0 by Leeds United in a very deadlocked match. This result plus a 0-3 defeat to Aston Villa in the previous round pushed the Gunners down to 12th place in the Premier League chart. Coach Mikel Arteta and his current students are being fiercely criticized by the fans for these disappointing performances.

So they are in desperate need of a convincing win to calm the fans as well as rebuild their spirits. And the match against Molde tonight in the fourth leg of the Europa League is a good chance for Arsenal to achieve that goal.

Molde vs Arsenal – Gunners regained their spirits

Despite playing badly in the domestic league, when going to Europe, Aubameyang and his teammates still showed a destructive performance with 3 victories in Group B. Including a 4-1 victory over rival Molde at Emirates.

Most international experts believe that the Gunners will win 3 points and officially win tickets to the round of 16 with first place in Group B.