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Arsenal seemingly will go far in the Europa League this season

Unlike MU and Arsenal, Tottenham and Leicester continued to shine when their opponents were just Wolfsberg and Slavia Praha. With greater strength and class, Tottenham and Leicester will certainly not have trouble before these two clubs.

Compared to Real Sociedad who hit MU, Granada probably has a hard way to “live” when it comes to another champion candidate, Napoli and in the end, Villarreal is certainly not happy when meeting Salzburg. To be able to win tickets to continue, these 3 clubs need to have good results in the first leg (like Granada and Sociedad kicking at home) because if they lose the match, the door to the eighth round will soon close.

The Italians are at ease

The top team of Serie A 2020/21, AC Milan, is forecast to not face too many difficulties before Crvena zvezda. With experience and quality players, Milan will know how to overcome opponents from Serbia on the opponent’s field as well as the rematch at the San Siro.

Arsenal seemingly will go far in the Europa League this season

Does Milan have advantages in the 1/8 round of the Europa League?

Meanwhile, Roma and Napoli will meet Braga and Granada in turn. Roma and Napoli are of course at a higher level than Braga and Granada. But with the home advantage and unpredictability of Braga and Granada, Roma and Napoli need to be very cautious in the first leg.

Two German clubs, Bayern Leverkusen and Hoffenheim have to meet only underrated opponents, Young Boys and Molde. It would not be surprising if these two teams won on the opponent’s field and won after both rounds.

Round 1/16 will still take place in the first and second round format. First leg matches take place on February 18, 2021, and then one week later on February 25, 2021. The 1/16 round of the Europa League this season promises to be competitive and unpredictable.

The ralationship between the Europa League and the Champions League

Club-level football attracts the attention of many fans around the world. Many football leagues appear and attracts many fans worldwide. In this article, we will explain to you what is the UEFA Europa League (Cup C2)? What is the connection to the C1 Cup?

Europa League, also known as C2 Cup, is lower than UEFA Champions League (Cup C1). UEFA Europa League is abbreviated as UEL. This is a tournament for teams with high rankings in the league but cannot participate in the C1 Cup.

Europa League precursor is the UEFA Cup (Cup C3). Initially, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup was established in 1955 which was the precursor to the UEFA Cup. By 1971, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup officially changed the name of the tournament to the UEFA Cup.

In 1999, the old C2 Cup, formerly the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup was merged with the C3 Cup. They were merged into a tournament that still retains the UEFA Cup name. At that time, the winning teams of the national cup will win tickets to participate in this tournament.

In the 2009-10 season, the UEFA Cup has renamed the UEFA Europa League. The number of teams participating in the tournament was also increased to 48 teams. Since the 2021-22 season, the UEFA Europa Conference League tournament with a lower level than the Europa League was born and the number of teams participating in the Europa League decreased to 32 teams.

Currently, Sevilla is the most successful team with 5 times to win the championship (2 UEFA Cups and 3 Europa League).

Europa League format

According to the current form of competition, each federation of the 55 UEFA members will have 3 representatives (except for Liechtenstein with only 1 team) attending. There are 48 teams in the group stage including those that passed the qualifiers and those that lost in the play-off round of the Champions League.

48 teams are divided into 12 groups, the first place in each group will attend the knockout round. In the 32-team knockout round, the 24 first-place teams in the groups will join the eight teams that are ranked third in the Champions League group stage.