Quarter-final draw results of Europa League season 2019/20

Man United must be pleased with the draw of the Europa League quarter-final round of 2019/20. The reason is that in the round for the eight strongest teams, they have avoided trong opponents.

The visit to the Europa League quarter-finals was conducted shortly after UEFA identified the Champions League quarter-finals.

In the remaining quarters, the two representatives of Germany, Wolfsburg, and Eintracht Frankfurt, can clash if they pass in turn Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) and Basel (Switzerland).

Wolfsburg is currently in trouble because they lost to Shakhtar Donetsk 1-2 at home in that turn. For their part, Eintracht Frankfurt’s situation is even worse because they have let Basel win 3-0 on Germany.

The most notable match is probably the match between Sevilla and AS Roma. The team that wins in this match will only have to meet Olympiacos (Greece) or Wolves (England). However, in the semi-finals, they are in danger of facing M.U, which is extremely under the guidance of coach Solskjaer.

Another pair of matches also between the representatives of Spain and Italy is the fight between Inter Milan and Getafe. If the opponent is defeated, one of the two clubs mentioned above will go into the branch with Rangers or Leverkusen.

MU does not set goals too high

Currently, the Red Devils is in high form with 17 consecutive unbeaten matches and close to the Top 4. The club is also expected to be a bright candidate for the Europa League this season. It was not until August when the leagues closed, football fans were allowed to watch the European Cup. This is why Solskjaer said that he did not aim too far in this Europa League season.