Learn about the history of the Europa League football tournament (Part 2)

The time and form of the competition

Both the Champions League and the Europa League must go through the group stage, after which they will enter the knockout round. Champions League football matches are usually held on Tuesday night and Wednesday night. And the Europa League is played on Thursday night.

Each club will play against each other twice and the top 2 teams from each group will have to play in the knockout rounds. Will continue until the team is selected to kick in the final.

The matches in the Europa League are extremely dramatic

The format of the competition in both these tournaments is played with a group stage, and then the knockout rounds. Time will be divided according to the schedule of these two tournaments, with Champions League matches taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, while Europa League matches on Thursday night.

The matches in the Europa League are extremely dramatic

Teams will play against each other for two winnings and returns and the top two teams in each group will go through the knockout stages and so on until the final and win the championship.

Why Europa League attracts fans?

Europa League is a soccer tournament that is taken from the ideas of three people including Ottorino Barassi, Sir Stanley Rous, Ernst Thorne. As a result, the annual Europa League Cup match schedule is held regularly and many different teams are winning the championship.

Despite gathering the most prestigious teams in Europe, it is undeniable the attraction of this tournament because the teams that cannot continue in the Champions League will have to play in this Europa League. That is why this tournament currently attracts many different football fans.

Thus, through this article, we can understand what the Europa League is, and at the same time, we also know what the UEFA rules are, the format of this tournament.

Above the article has detailed answers on what is Europa League? This is considered one of the most attractive tournaments on the planet. If you are a football fanatic, do not miss a match! I wish you all the best entertaining moments in each season.