Learn about the history of the Europa League football tournament (Part 1)

Europa League tournament originated from the idea of ​​3 people including Ottorino Barrasi (Italian nationality), Ernst Thornmen (Swiss nationality) and Stanlay Rous (British nationality) from the 50s of last century.

Earlier, on 18 April 1955, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup was launched. Then officially held in 10 European cities participating with 10 teams.

The first Europa League tournament was extended for a period of 3 years

The first tournament was extended for a period of 3 years (1955 – 1958). Until 1971-1972, this fair ball tournament was first changed to the UEFA Cup. However, from the 1999-2000 season, the Cup C2, the abbreviation for the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, was eliminated.

It was later merged into the C3 Cup (but still kept the UEFA Cup). Besides, if the team wins the domestic cup, they will have the right to participate in this tournament.

When the UEFA tournament allowed to increase the number of clubs participating in the table to 48 teams. At this point it was officially called the Europa League.

The format of the Europa League tournament

From the season 2018 – 2019, what are the conditions and the format of the Europa League tournament? It changes as follows: Not only the teams that got eliminated in the third round are involved but all the domestic champions lose in the UEFA Champions League qualifying.

Besides, a total of 213 teams from all 55 UEFA member associations will participate in the UEFA Europa League 2018-2019. Association ranking based on UEFA national coefficient will be used to can accurately determine the number of teams participating in each association.

Distinguish the Champions League and the Europa League

Distinguish the Champions League and the Europa League

It will be difficult to distinguish these two exciting tournaments. Therefore, it is only possible to distinguish between the top level, when the UEFA Champions League is the Cup C2, and the UEFA Europa League is the Cup C2. Both of these tournaments are organized by UEFA. Both of these tournaments are attended by famous European clubs.

The UEFA Champions League began in the 1955–1956 season and served as the European Cup. This award brings together the most famous and best football clubs in the world football industry. On the other hand, the Cup C2 was first held in 1971, which was held in 2nd place when clubs could not participate in the Cup.