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General information

  1. Farm name and number. This should include all registered farms or portions of farms included in the fenced property. The commonly used name of the property should also be provided.
  2. Co-ordinates of the farm boundary corners.
  3. Exact size of the property. This will only include the fenced area where the Cheetah are to be reintroduced.
  4. Name of property owner/s and manager.
  5. Postal address, telephone and fax numbers of the owner and manager.
  6. Name, qualifications and contact details of the professional environmental practitioner who carried out the survey.
  7. Locality map of the proposed reintroduction area.
  8. Description of land uses and activities on all neighbouring properties.
  9. Proximity to settlements, rural communities and tribal land.
  10. Information as to whether there is potential for enlarging the property. The manner in which this could be achieved should be described. Can more land be purchased (list properties) or a conservancy established? The potential future size of the property should be indicated and, if possible, a timeline for the proposed enlargement provided.
  11. The status and specifications of the perimeter fence. The perimeter fence should be described in terms of: type of fence, height, number of electrified strands, position of electrified strands, voltage and power source. A diagram should be provided.
  12. Topographical map of the property (1:50 000). This should include boundaries, major roads, air strips, water points, infrastructure etc.
  13. A description of the release boma and its surrounding fence. The exact specifications of the boma fence should be provided as well as a map indicating it location on the reserve.
  14. Objectives of the enterprise/reserve.