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Data collection

Long‐term observations on the dynamics of predator‐prey interactions are necessary to understand demographic responses of predators and prey in small closed systems. Data collection by reserve managers, researchers, volunteers and dedicated Cheetah monitors allows for a better understanding of how Cheetah behave on small fenced reserves. This contributes to improved Cheetah management. Reserve are encouraged to collect data wherever possible using the below data collection sheets:

The above data collection sheets can be adapted to suite various study requirements. These data will be utilised by the Metapopulation project to establish:

  • The minimum requirements for sustaining Cheetahs on small fenced reserves.
  • Dietary shifts when metapopulation Cheetah are moved to new habitats with different prey populations.
  • The response of prey numbers to predation in different habitat types.

Reliable data obtained from 19 Metapopulation reserves between 1998 and 2014 has made invaluable contributions to post graduate Cheetah research. This research has resulted in numerous publications that are readily available to reserve managers and contribute to improved predator management. Reserves are appropriately accredited for these contributions and co-authorship is offered where applicable.