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What to expect in the fourth round of the Europa League this season?

The fourth match of the Europa League group stage 2020/2021 will soon take place. Here is what to expect in this attractive round.

Lille vs AC Milan

Before meeting Lille in the first leg of the Europa League group stage, AC Milan was the only team in the five European leagues to remain unbeaten. Even including the end of last season, they won 18 and drew 2 in a series of 2 games without losing. Ibra and his teammates topped the table in both the Europa League and Serie A with high-class performances.

But all of the above statistics became meaningless when Lille destroyed them 3-0 on the San Siro pitch. That is also the reason why AC Milan determined to defeat Lille to reclaim the debt. Both teams are in very good form with 6 wins, 3 draws, and 1 loss in the last 10 matches. So this is considered the focus of the fourth match of the Europa League.

However, AC Milan will likely not be able to claim the debt to lose in the first leg. The reason is that in this match, they do not have the service of owner Ibrahimovich.

The Swedish general had an injury in the match against Napoli over the weekend. Losing him, the power of AC Milan is considered to be halved and it is difficult for them to defeat a Lille who is unbeaten in the last 9 home matches

Molde vs Arsenal – Gunners regained their spirits

Arsenal last weekend was held 0-0 by Leeds United in a very deadlocked match. This result plus a 0-3 defeat to Aston Villa in the previous round pushed the Gunners down to 12th place in the Premier League chart. Coach Mikel Arteta and his current students are being fiercely criticized by the fans for these disappointing performances.

So they are in desperate need of a convincing win to calm the fans as well as rebuild their spirits. And the match against Molde tonight in the fourth leg of the Europa League is a good chance for Arsenal to achieve that goal.

Molde vs Arsenal – Gunners regained their spirits

Despite playing badly in the domestic league, when going to Europe, Aubameyang and his teammates still showed a destructive performance with 3 victories in Group B. Including a 4-1 victory over rival Molde at Emirates.

Most international experts believe that the Gunners will win 3 points and officially win tickets to the round of 16 with first place in Group B.

Arsenal has won 3 matches in the Europa League 2020/2021

Before a completely inferior opponent like Molde, Coach Arteta was confident to replace 9 positions in the starting list compared to the main victory of MU a few days ago in the Premier League. Only two names, Leno and Willian, continue to be kicked.

With the superiority of class, Arsenal pressed the opponent’s field from the first minute. However, the chances of the home team players to score are not clear.

Attacking much without scoring, the Gunners received the first goal. In the 22nd minute, after Leno’s kick-up, Molde players won the ball and counter-attacked quickly, ending with Martin Ellingsen’s goal.

Arsenal won 3 matches in the Europa League 2020/2021

Before the end of the first half, Arsenal removed the gauze with a final equalizer. In a counterattack situation, Nketiah intended to cross for Willock to finish the goal, then a guest player from Kristoffer Haugen did the job.

With the equalizer, Arsenal confidently put pressure on their opponents in the second half. In the 62nd minute, the home team finally got the lead, but it was an own goal with Sinyan from Molde.

Before the match ended, Arsenal scored 2 more goals thanks to the work of Nicolas Pepe and Willock. After 2 somewhat lucky goals, Arsenal finally knew the goal to bring about the final victory.

With this victory, Arsenal has 9 absolute points after 3 matches of Group B Europa League and almost set their feet in round 1/16.

Ludogorets 1-3 Tottenham (Group J Europa League)

Scores: Keseru (50) – Harry Kane (13); Lucas Moura (32); Lo Celso (62)

In the third series of the group stage of the European Cup, held at dawn on November 5, while MU received humiliating defeat, Barca, Chelsea, and Juventus all enjoyed the joy of victory.

Entering the match against the underdog Ludogorets, Tottenham only launched Harry Kane on the bench while Son Heung Min was named on the bench. However, that was enough for the London team to apply the match to the opponent.

Even in the 13th minute, after previously missed situations, Kane finally gave himself a goal after an accurate header. This is Kane’s 200th goal in Tottenham’s shirt after 300 matches. Having a Tottenham goal is easier to kick and completely overwhelm the home team. The ball is just rolling on the Ludogorets side of the field.

Arsenal won 3 points against Dundalk club, getting ready to play against MU

In the match of Group B on the evening of October 29, the Arsenal club easily won 3 points against Dundalk club. The match had changed his entire starting line-up compared to last weekend’s match against Leicester in the Premier League.

Accordingly, goalkeeper Alex Rúnarsson was played from the beginning. The Granit Xhaka player is wearing the captain’s armband. And Eddie Nketiah is ranked as the leader of the attacker. Although the formation has been changed, Arsenal Club is not difficult to have a posture against your team from the first minute.

Pepe scored in the Dundalk net 3 goals at the end of the first half and the second half engulfed Dundalk. This helped Arsenal get all 3 points in the second match of Group B Europa League this year. Notably, the 3rd goal of the home team satisfied fans.

Arsenal stepped into the Europe League while they are not doing very well in the national league. Coach Mikel Arteta’s football team has lost 2 matches in Premier League this season. Therefore, the Europa League is becoming the salvation of the “Gunners”.

The strategy of coach Mikel Arteta

In the match against Dundalk, coach Mikel Arteta only uses young players and a reserve factor. Meanwhile, the team from the Republic of Ireland, despite their efforts, could not create enough resistance at Emirates Stadium.

Coach Mikel Arteta only uses young players and a reserve factor

Being thought to play well in the first half, but then Dundalk still conceded, not only 1 but 2 goals. In the 42nd minute, Nketiah cleared the deadlock for “Gunners” by taking advantage of a very good opportunity. Immediately after that, in the 44th minute, Willock doubled the gap for Arsenal before the first half ended.

In the second half, in the 46th minute, Nicolas Pepe suddenly shot with his right foot to put the ball straight into the top corner of the Dundalk goal at the edge of the third goal for Arsenal. This is also the final result of the match.

Although Arsenal has the same 6 points as Molde club, they are still ranked above because of the goal difference. Arsenal will have a match against Molde in the third match on November 5. This is the decisive match of the ranking of Group B. Together we count down the time to watch the fierce match between the champions on November 5.