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Amazing Facts on the Europa League Winner in 2019-Chelsea

The 2018/2019 Europa league finals saw Chelsea and their London rivals, Arsenal go head to head in the cup final. Chelsea came back strong in the second half of the match, marking a 4-1 win against Arsenal. This also marked the first-ever trophy for Maurizio Sarri as a coach.

The game was already intense, but Giroud added even more spark when he darted in front of Koscielny and met Emerson’s pass with a fantastic header. The French striker made his 11th goal of the campaign making him the top scorer in the tournament.

At this point, Eden Hazard was already a peripheral figure. However, the Belgian schemer cemented his mark during the hour, making a low back cross which Pedro Rodriguez pushed towards Cech, giving team Chelsea some time to breathe.

History in The Making

This match was the first Europa finals between English clubs in the last 11 years. It is also the third ever in UEFA history. The first one was between Porto and Braga, both of which are Portugal teams, in 2011. This win by Chelsea marks their 14th UEFA Europa League win in the W11 D3 term. The team dominated Group L, which led them to the finals.

Chelsea and Arsenal had once met again in the 2003/04 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. Chelsea won 2-1 at Highbury with Wayne Bridge scoring the decisive goal, three minutes past time.

During the 2018/19 round of 32, Chelsea won against Malmo by 2-1 away from home and 3-0 at home. The Blues also swept Dynamo Kyiv with 3-0 at home and 5-0 away.

The team had six times win in a row to get to the quarter-finals where they drew with Frankfurt even at penalty stage. They were the top-scoring team in the 2018/19 season, with 32 goals which are only five short of the 2010/2011 Porto record.

Facts on UEFA, The Europa League and the WHO 2021 Ban

After all the 55 representatives of the European Football Associations met for a brief meeting on how to manage the UEFA league during the Coronavirus pandemic, the league denied that the WHO had recommended that all games be banned until 2021. The association has been trying to restructure the football calendar so that major leagues can continue within the year although at adjusted dates.

The Position of the WHO

WHO took the position of the lead advisor at the United Nations on how to manage the pandemic. The same body was instrumental in the discussions that led to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics being postponed for a year. The UEFA was also advised to consider postponing Euro 2020 by at least 12 months.

In the most recent discussions, UEFA sought to find remedies for leagues like the Europa league that could not complete their seasons. More guidelines are to be provided for such cases, especially for qualifiers. Leagues were advised not to cancel without UEFA’s permission as this could lead to them not qualifying for the Champions or the Europa Leagues.

More resolutions, however, might be drafted as the meetings continue to take place and as the government continues to give different directions on how to cope with the pandemic. Fans are encouraged to stay updated on current news for both the pandemic and sports news.

WHO has valid reasons as to why events should be postponed for at least 12 months, but the UEFA seeks to do as much as possible to keep the leagues moving.

Already, different countries have allowed players to resume practices, but this has to be done within the pandemic control structure. The UEFA has given a possible date for the completion of domestic competitions to be around August 2020.

Everything right now is working in terms of assumptions, but there is hope that with time, more solid dates will be set, especially, when it comes to the Europa League.

Top Five Players to Watch Out For in the 2019-2020 Europa League

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Europa league was suspended. UEFA has hinted that there is a possibility of the matches resuming in August. However, before the cancellation of matches, some promising players were gunning for glory in the league. These players come from the 24 teams that had progressed to the Round 32. So here is a list of the top players that could change the fates of their club this season if the league resumes.

1. Donny van de Beek

Donny played a crucial part in the last season by helping Ajax beat Juventus and Real Madrid in the semi-finals. He already has a double-digit goal count, and he is one of the players that may determine whether Ajax will clinch the Europa League cup.

2. Bruno Fernandes

Fernandes has been in the news as one of the hottest talents right now, and he even managed to secure a 55 million pounds transfer to Manchester United. He has a great history in the Europa League with two goals and three assists. Given his football history, he could be very instrumental in the performance of the Red Devils in the Europa League.

3.Ismaïla Sarr

Ismaila Sarr maybe only 21 years old but he already made history in the Europa League by leading his team to victory against Jablonec. This goal went down in history as the best goal in the 2018-2019 Europa League season.

4. Alfredo Morelos

This Columbian player has been making some significant moves in the Europa League by scoring 8 goals and three assists for the Rangers. Nobody expected him to score that many goals in one season, but it seems that fans can only wait and see whether he will help the Rangers win the league.

5.Bryan Gill

Despite being the youngest-ever player in the La Liga (as of November 2019) he was also the first Spaniard born in this century to score in the Europa League.